Thursday, January 31, 2008


This is my newest creation! Pretty cute huh!

Welcome to my blog.
Welcome to my store.
Welcome to my brand new adventure!

5 days ago I decided that I loved making cards and the consequence of this was too much accumulation!
I have tried my hand at craft fairs and bazaars and even Ebay. This offered minimal success.
I stumbled accross a fantastic site called Etsy. Etsy not only allowed me to open my own card store, but it helped me find some fantastic artists. The community at Etsy is very helpful and very talented. I am so excited to start this new opportunity.
Come browse my store and feel free to offer feedback both good and (gasp) bad!
I would love to hear about what you would like to see and what you like already.

I would also love to share with you some of my wonderful finds! These are all handcrafted items from fellow Etsy Sellers.


SEWphisticate said...

i love etsy too! welcome to the world of blogging.

earth and sun folk said...

blog looks great...welcome to yet another addiction! welcome to etsy as well,love your shop :)

estamiaa said...

Peggy!! OMG - these are great, I'm so excited! I'm going to put a link here on my blog, okay? I hope everything is going good on the homefront, miss you!

Love ya girl,

James said...

Excellent! This is a fun Blog! I will continue to tune into the World-of Your-Craft.... and hopefully I will learn something other than how to cover everything i make in glitter... I think I might be a card making lost cause.

Evita said...

Thanks for adding me as a friend on blog Catalog! I am so glad I saw your site as your cards are beautiful. I liked making my own cards too, but never seriously got into it. But I really appreciate unique and creative home made cards! Keep up the great work and best of luck!

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