Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whirlwind Summer and Ebay success

It has been such a busy summer and yet again, my blog gets neglected. I have really enjoyed the warm days playing with my kids and making cards. I have started selling my wares on Ebay and it has been a blast. Nothing like obsessing over your auctions to see where they go. I swear the last day I must refresh my page 40 times! I am truly amazed with the talent out there. One thing that absolutely amazed me was a seller whose cards went from $50 to $150 each! Talk about being blown away. I never dreamed that people would pay that much. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing and the gal has serious talent....but over $100 for a greeting card. My jaw is still not completely closed. While I haven't seen that kind of success I am selling my "deluxe" cards for an average of $10 each. Pretty darn good I say. Don't worry, you can still get my classics for under $3 each in my store! Come visit and see some great cards. Christmas cards will be out at the end of this month! Scary isn't it! Anyone started their shopping yet?
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